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Little Habits of Influence

The many benefits of developing good habits have been in the spotlight lately. Much of this focus has been on saving time, improving health, or changing attitudes. It got me thinking. What little habits could I put into place to up-level my influence in the world on a regular basis? A little free flowing brainstorm landed me with 3 possible practices that might fit the bill of actions I can commit to:

1.) Actually (not just thinking about it) leave thorough, fair, articulate online reviews each and every time I eat out, hire a professional, or buy a new product.

2.) Add, improve, or clarify information on Wikipedia any time I read an article in need of some love.

3.) Participate in surveys when given the chance (random mail surveys, “stay on the line” surveys, “do you have a minute to take a survey” street surveys, etc.) .

I feel more powerful already. What is your best little habit of influence?


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