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Dear Freshman: DO NOT DO this!

Freshman year is more exciting and full of possibilities than any other academic year could ever be. You get bombarded with things you should or could do: make new friends, choose a major, select a roommate, join a club, play on a sports team, get a part-time job, buy football tickets, try each dining hall, conquer the public transportation, go to a free lecture, learn your school’s fight song, try out for a play, memorize your classes so you don’t wander about like a rookie…the list goes on and on. Opportunities are never in short supply. However, maybe - just maybe, what freshmen could use is a little advice about what NOT to do. As many of us have learned the hard way, doing some things can result in vague regrets while others might lead to high-stakes consequences.

So, what would you put on a freshman DO NOT DO list?

I’ve listed my #1 DO NOT DO below (it will come as a surprise to no one).

1.) DO NOT skip class! Don’t skip it because the professor is boring, because the subject seems irrelevant, because the time is inconvenient, because it’s a subject you’re bad at, because it’s a subject you’re great at, because you’d rather sleep, because it’s on the far side of campus, because your ex is in the class, because the desks are uncomfortable, because… because… because. Just don’t do it. Do Not Skip Class.

2.) DO NOT __(this is where you come in)_______

I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments section. Be as specific or general as you want and feel free to repeat what others have said - it will highlight the most important DO NOT DO’s. I will share your thoughts with the class of 2021 that I will be teaching this year as well as posting an organized list back to LinkedIn.

Thank you on behalf of all freshmen everywhere – whether they appreciate it right now or not

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