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No-No-November Week 4: Stress Less

The holiday season is officially here. Whether this statement fills you with joy or fills you with anxiety, it is true all the same. My quest this November has been to proactively set myself up for success at home and at the office so that I can enjoy the holidays to their fullest. The over arching strategy to accomplish this feat has been to declutter numerous aspects of my life. The first week of November was dedicated to removing unnecessary and unrewarding activities. In the second week of the month I focused on decluttering my house and office. Week 3 focused on a “virtual” declutter: email, photos, apps, and social media.

I am dedicating this last part of No-No-November to stressing out less. With these last few days of the month, I am reviewing my progress from weeks 1 – 3 and attending to whatever backsliding may have occurred over the Thanksgiving weekend. Once I have done that, it is time for the pay-off round. The point of No-No-November is to enjoy the holidays. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to make the holidays special:

1.) Buy Less – Resist buying anything for yourself or others that will just need decluttered next No-No-November. Given the option, many people would skip or reduce gift giving in favor of spending more time with friends and family.

2.) Shop Less – For whatever shopping you do, have a list, a budget, and a strategy. Try not to waste precious time wandering aimlessly through the mall.

3.) Whine Less – (Notice, I did NOT say “Less Wine.”) When you find yourself feeling put out or put upon, consider either making a genuine change or at least keeping your displeasure to yourself. “If you can’t say something nice…”

4.) Work Less – I know this isn’t an option for everyone, but some people can strategically work a little less. The holidays are only a few weeks & giving yourself a break can pay off in increased focus and enthusiasm in 2018.

5.) Want Less – Give up on impossible expectations like finding the “perfect” gift or losing 80 pounds before the New Year’s Eve party. Make a conscious effort to be happy and appreciative with what is right in front of you: A crackling fire, a homemade cookie, a hug from a loved one, a joyfully decorated Main Street, holiday music on the radio, or a phone call from an old friend.

Every Yes is made of a thousand little No’s. I hope your No-No-November has made way for many happy holiday Yes’s.


What big YES have you been working toward in November?

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