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No-No-November Week 2: Just Ditch It!

Where the heck did the first week of November go?

Although things might be a little different this year going into the holidays there will still be lots of opportunity for joy & celebrations so let’s be ready!

Join me in using November to reduce, remove, quit, stop, and minimize as many nonessential tasks, belongings, activities, habits, and projects as possible so that every minute of the holiday season can be enjoyed to the fullest. Hopefully, this proactive effort will usher in the holiday season with a rejuvenated home, schedule, and heart.

This plan is specifically for a No-No-November. It has a short timeframe & is pre-holiday oriented. There will not be time to clean out the junk drawer, the attic, or under the kitchen sink. However, focusing on 6 categories of clutter will guarantee the biggest bang for the least effort.

1.) Ditch Big Things – The bigger the item, the bigger the difference it will make when it’s gone. The extra space will come in handy as you try to keep the house clean, set up holiday decorations, or keep your work-from-home office organized. Pitch that broken chair that you are never going to fix. Toss those 2 icky pillows that are flat and brownish. Chuck the TV in the back bedroom that is deeper than it is wide.

2.) Ditch Entertainment Items – Sorting through your old toys, games, CDs. DVDs, gaming systems, and unused or outgrown sports equipment will certainly free up space. If you haven’t used them in a year, put them straight into a box to take to your favorite donation center. The added bonus to donating these things NOW is that they can make great presents for others during this gift giving season.

3.) Ditch Unused Clothing – Not only will many of us be getting clothes as gifts but excessive wardrobes tend to be a universal problem. If it doesn’t fit – it’s gotta go. If you haven’t worn it in a year (or two) – it’s gotta go. If it is torn or stained beyond repair –

it’s gotta go. If it’s embarrassingly out of style – it’s gotta go. Really focus on winter clothes since if you donate them now, they can find a new home right away.

4.) Ditch Bathroom Clutter - You may not have the time and energy to do a deep dive here but a quick once over to rid yourself of products that are never going to work for you is a good use of time. Makeup that looked exotic on the model but makes you look like you have the flu should be trashed. Magic shampoo that made your money disappear but not your split ends should be trashed. Dull razors you thought you might use just one more time should be trashed. And while you’re at it say goodbye to expired ointments, sunscreen, or medications.

5.) Ditch Food Junk – Food junk and junk food are not necessarily the same thing. This category makes the list because of the amount of specialized holiday cooking that takes place necessitating additional cabinet or refrigerate space. Additionally, local food pantries are currently in dire need of donations. Anything you bought for a recipe you decided not to try could go. The jalapeño flavored au gratin potatoes you bought by mistake (it happens) can go. Things you bought on super sale, but you won’t realistically use before the expiration date can go. Anything that HAS expired can definitely go. And last, but not least, I give you my blessing to get rid of any condiments that are upside down in the refrigerator door in anticipation of using the very last teeny tiny drop.

6.) Ditch Your Hoarder Crap - What do you unintentionally collect? Dry-cleaning hangers? Plastic grocery bags? Shoe boxes? Expired coupons? Cool Whip containers for more leftover than you will EVER have? You already know good and well that you should at least thin through these things. They are probably already gathered together in one spot, and there is always more where they came from. Ditch them.

This declutter isn’t meant to be an all-out top to bottom super purge. It will however simplify life, clear out some space, provide a little peace of mind, and give flexibility all while putt

ing some useable items into the hands of people that will put them to good use. I highly recommend donating, consuming, or recycling whenever possible. Only throw away what really must go into the trash. For most of us this is a great start. Pick a category or two, do them all, or make up your own strategy. Keep your eye on the prize - a more peaceful, meaningful, and joyful holiday season.

What will make the biggest difference in your No-No-November declutter?


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