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The 1 - 2 - 3's of Weathering the Cold Covid Winter.

There is finally a timetable for when the world will “reopen.” The only real questions is - what will we DO with the next few months while we wait for vaccines, warmer weather, and a unified direction? Try asking yourself these 3 questions: How can I help? How can I grow? How can I wait? For me: How can I help? Volunteer at my local foodbank. Donate more to charities. Stay virus-vigilant. How can I grow? Learn Spanish on Duolingo. Complete 2 free MOOC courses. Do 50 pushups a day. How can I wait? Commit to a daily routine. Increase meditation time. Play Hallmark Bingo (don’t judge). #covid #mentalhealth #selfimprovement #personalgrowth How will you help, grow, and wait?


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