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Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Weekend in 3 Steps.

1.) Friday a.m. (Plan it out) Approach Friday as a bridge between this week & next. Friday is all about making sure you can hit the ground running on Monday. Make a plan. Work the plan.

2.) Friday afternoon. (Wrap it up) As Friday winds down clear out your inbox, warn others that you can ‘pick things up’ on Monday, and write a reminder note to yourself so you know exactly where you are leaving off.

3.) Friday quitting time. (Shut it down). Save your files, put up an away message, close your programs, tidy your work area, and turn off your computer. Even if you’re working from home & you turn your computer right back on to watch The Queen's Gambit – give yourself a tangible clocking out.

Enjoy your weekend - ALL of it. Every last minute.


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