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No-No-November Week 4: Stress Less

I’ve come to the end of my No-No-November purge with just one more item needing addressed: Stress Less

November, I will be focusing on what I can do less of to make this a special holiday season. My holiday gift to you is these 5 tips to make the holidays more joyful. Enjoy.

1.) Whine Less – (Notice, I did NOT say “Less Wine.”) When you find yourself feeling put out or put upon, consider either making a genuine change or at least keeping your displeasure to yourself. “If you can’t say something nice…”. This includes social media posts. Spread joy not misery.

2.) Buy Less – Resist buying anything for yourself or others that will just need decluttered next No-No-November. Given the option, many people would skip or reduce gift giving in favor of spending more time with friends and family even if that is virtually.

3.) Shop Less – For whatever shopping you do, have a list, a budget, and a strategy. Try not to waste precious time scrolling from screen to screen to screen or heaven forbid wandering aimlessly through a mall.

4.) Work Less – I know this isn’t an option for everyone, but some people can strategically work a little less. The holidays are only a few weeks & giving yourself a break can pay off in increased focus and enthusiasm in 2021.

5.) Want Less – Give up on impossible expectations like finding the “perfect” gift or losing 80 pounds before the New Year. Make a conscious effort to be happy and appreciative with what is right in front of you: A crackling fire, a homemade cookie, a holiday card from a loved one, a joyfully decorated Main Street, Christmas music on the radio, or a phone call from an old friend.

Every big YES is made of a thousand little No’s. I hope your No-No-November has made way for many happy holiday Yes’s.

Be Well.


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